May 17, 2015

Mentions of Emma Watson in the media [May 11 - 17, 2015]

  • Emma among Popsugar's 100 Favorite Stars Under 30

She's currently second, behind Dakota Johnson. 

If you want to vote for her, it's [HERE].

  • Emma, "second best role model after Hermione Granger"

In my mind, the second best role model after Hermione is the woman who plays her in the movies. Emma Watson is a smart, driven, passionate person, who represents so much more than simply the character of Hermione Granger. She certainly did not let herself become defined by her Harry Potter experience — as many actors in big movie franchises tend to do — and instead used it as a springboard to launch herself into everything else she has accomplished. Twenty-five year old Emma Watson is a Brown University graduate, a versatile actress and a U.N. Women Goodwill Ambassador. She is so much more than simply an actress in Harry Potter just as I hope to be more than just a “Cornellian.”
  • Izzy Laughland (Leanne in the last 3 Harry Potter movies) talks about Emma, Daniel, and Rupert

As a teenager, Izzy played Hogwarts pupil Leanne in the final three Harry Potter Films, Harry Potter and ther Half-Blood Prince and both parts of the Deathly Hallows.

Leanne and her friend Katie get caught up in Voldemort’s plots when Katie innocently agrees to deliver a parcel she is given in the village Hogsmeade to the school and ends up being cursed, left floating in the air.

Later, Leanne joins Dumbledore’s Army and is seen fighting the Dementors.

Izzy said: “It was absolutely extraordinary time that I will never ever forget.

“Going into the Great Hall and doing a read-through was insane. That was memorable.

“I kept one of the call sheets for a scene that was just Alan Rickman, Maggie Smith and me. It was just bizarre!

“I was more kind of in awe of meeting the main three actors, Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson. I had been growing up with them since I was little, seeing them in the films.

“They are the sweetest, loveliest human beings you could meet.”

Izzy says she is still friends with Daniel and Rupert and is impressed by the way they have made the transition to other other acting roles.

  • Emma among the actresses to admire

Emma Watson

Growing up within the Harry Potter world for several years must be difficult to escape from. The struggle to steer away and detach yourself from such a memorable and iconic role is surely more difficult than we might imagine. However, Emma Watson unquestionably proved that just because people grew up knowing her as the curly-haired know-it-all, she can still be an absolutely different character.

  • Emma and Daniel Radcliffe among HS's "2015's Most Over-Rated Actors"


Once Upon a Time ...
Plucked from total obscurity as children to become the popular faces of the record-smashing Harry Potter film phenomenon, Radcliffe and Watson grew into their roles with impressive aplomb. Typecasting was always going to be a danger, but each could not have given themselves a better chance of making it.

Right Here, Right Now ...
Neither young actor has set the world on fire since graduating from Hogwarts. Radcliffe has had one minor hit with the Gothic horror of The Woman in Black, but otherwise he's been ineffectual in roles beyond his range (playing beat poet Allen Ginsburg in Kill Your Darlings). Watson has looked quite lost in high-profile (Noah) and low-profile (The Bling Ring) outings alike.

Chance of Turnaround?
50% (him) 10% (her)
Radcliffe has bravely stretched his talent with several lengthy turns on the stage in recent years, so his best could still be ahead of him. His next test is a key role in a major Frankenstein reboot releasing in October. Watson is still very much a darling of the gossip pages, but might be better off in the cosier confines of television in the right part.


Anonymous said...

Meh, that 'HS' article reeks of deadline-filler and clickbait.

Vicky George said...

I think that's a bit unfair but having said that I sometimes wonder if Emma is in the right business. Not because of her acting ability but purely for the fact she doesn't let her fans see much of her. I can understand her desire for privacy but we see far more of other young actors than we do of Emma. She certainly makes it difficult for anyone running fan pages such as yourself Eden. I can see a lot of her fan base slowly dying off if they haven't already as you have to feed fans a few crumbs to keep them interested. She should take a leaf out of Helen Mirren's book who is frequently in the media and not because of gossip either. Just my opinion but I still like Emma.

Anonymous said...

Emma seems to be in the media when she wants to be for what she deems important. I am more worried of Rupert Grint. It is really silent around him. I hope he is filling his time with soemthing substantial that will hoist his truel talent like RADA or Lamda. I like Emma and I think she will do directing, writing, producting in the long run. I think she may see acting as a means to understand the roles of actors and the industry. I do not see a career like cate blanchett or meryl streep as hers as an actress. Her intellect will demand more of her. She is already beginning to show this tendency with her role as executive producer in Queen of Tearling, and I think that is great.

Anonymous said...

Right On!
Rup and Dan would have both done better to go to RADA or Lamda. Both have reached their limit. Although Rup is the most talented of the 3, he needs to hone his skill. Emma took acting at Brown and was in a Chekov play. She has gotten better and will get better with more life experience and acting experience. I think too that she will choose different routes liked directing.

Anonymous said...

If your're goood- so you are and need no extra info about your life. Make good movies and the fanbase is there. I could care a less of personal life.

Anonymous said...

I think it's a bit ridiculous to think that her fan base is dying when her twitter page seems to be gaining about 10,000 new followers a day.... I think she still has plenty to say as an actor. But I could see her writing and/or focusing on her art to switch things up a bit. I could see her directing at some point down the road as well. As for giving her fans what they want, well... I think she puts just enough of herself out there to keep from becoming stale or old news. And really... there's not a month that goes buy where she not doing something to keep the fire going on her career going. I personally think it's good that she likes to keep us panting a bit for her ;)

Anonymous said...

I agree! Being interesting does not mean having scandal surround. I find these kind of people boring and unimaginative and not worth my time, but Emma has class. This young woman at a mere 25 years has already done so much- even speaker of the UN. Angelina started that when she was marching 40.
Her doings will surprise us all in a pleasant way. Keep away from scandal Emma. You are better than that.

Jonathan Andrew Sheen said...

Rupert's currently doing a play on Broadway -- I don't think we can say he's squandering his time or talent.

The Herald-Sun article is certainly a crock. There were plenty of things wrong with NOAH, but Emma's performance wasn't one of them. And she was far and away the best thing about The Bling Ring, even in a supporting role. She brought such a powerful presence to the role.

Anonymous said...

Didnt Rupert not finish that in January- It's only a play, by McNally.(Something like that.) After that there was silence. That is news to me that he is in another play, but that would be great.
I also think though that he would benefit greatly from RADA just be because he is a natural talent. He needs to perfect into flexibility. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Dan and Rup should have both gone on to RADA or something else. Dan's depiction of other roles are partly a joke. Sometimes I felt embarassed. I know he said he knows that he wants to act, but you still need to know how to act and that you must learn. Acting is not the profession of dingbats.