May 28, 2015

Mentions of Emma Watson in the media [May 25 - 31, 2015]

  • Emma Watson, nail master.

Nail artist Glenis Baptiste gave an interview to Hello magazine and mentioned working with Emma.

Which celebrities have you worked with recently? 
I worked with Julianne Moore recently at the BAFTAs and also with actress Emma Watson - Emma is a huge manicure fan and knows so much about nails. We joked that in a past life she must have been a nail technician! She loves a dark shiny nail but also likes to be quite girly – she’s a bit of a chameleon and knows all about the latest colour trends. 
Which celebrities love to have fun with their nails/nail art? 
Emma likes to play around with her nail colours depending on what she’s wearing.

  • Emma inspires the Society of Women Engineers.

Cal Poly Pomona’s Society of Women Engineers chapter makes the effort to create an environment where female engineering students can thrive and reach their full potential. 
Through outreach programs and events, CPP SWE encourages both young girls and women to excel in engineering and advocates for gender equality within the engineering field. 
CPP SWE’s latest effort to further this mission came in the form of the newly-launched “HeForSWE” campaign, promoting gender solidarity among science, technology, engineering and mathematics students. 
Inspired by actor and Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Emma Watson and her “HeForShe” speech that encouraged men to support gender equality, CPP SWE created “HeForSWE” to allow men to show their support for women in STEM fields. 
Club members started the #HeForSWE hashtag to promote the campaign on social media. Supporters have started posting pictures of themselves holding signs with the hashtag along with a personal statement describing why they support women pursing STEM careers.
  • Emma among MTV's "11 Sexy Celebrity Dorks".

#5 Emma Watson played one of our most-loved geeks of all time, Hermione Granger, and in real life she graduated from Brown university with a degree in English literature.


Anonymous said...

Why every time Emma Watson appears in an article you have to remind to everybody that she is a college graduate. Is it so rare in Britain or America to be a college a graduate? Given the great number of universities in both countries (a lot of good ones too) I wouldn’t think so. So why do you do it?

Eden said...

I'm only copying and pasting the articles written about her. Maybe they like to mention it because a young actor/actress filming and studying at university at the same time is not that common.

Anonymous said...

It's ridiculous. So what if she acts and got a degree at the same time? what's so great about that? Meanwhile other students have to do 2 jobs to pay off their students loans and this chick is loaded!

Vicky George said...

There must be new fans looking in who perhaps may not realise what Emma has accomplished so I see no harm at all in mentioning her Degree. I think Eden does a really impressive job with this forum and perhaps people could be a little more appreciative.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I’m the anonymous from the initial comment. I certainly do not think that is Eden’s fault. I think this “college educated” epithet is a PR thing and that, at the end, is doing more harm than good to Emma. It sounds like somebody with a very low self esteem (or underachiever) trying to remind everybody else about something that he/she achieved, that is a college degree. And it is not true. Miss Watson had the fortune (and misfortune) to become famous from a very young age. This came with extra difficulties and confusions when she became an adult actress other ones, who entered the field in a later stage of their life, did not have. Confusion in terms of career decisions, difficulties of previous pro-image that might not suit an adult actor etc, etc.

On the supporters’ side now, I see a lot of people supporting Emma to such a degree that it reminds me of 15yr old football player supporters who think their football hero is also a rocket scientist and mother Teresa, all at the same time. This extreme worship of Emma’s created an opposite, which in an extreme way also, tries to diminish everything she does.

I think Emma is the most beautiful woman in the movie business today even though her acting is not that much proven yet, especially as an adult actress. And in this “fame” business everybody is ruthless. Media as well as plain people. If a celebrity is not 100% ready in any way, they will eat her alive. And this is what happens to Emma. Until she is ready, in terms of will and offers, she will have this war. Even though I’m not an image making specialist, I think that is better for her to easy dawn on the PR, the scholar as well as the Mother Teresa image, so she does not feed both extremes that can harm her at the end.

Anonymous said...

I'll have to establish myself a THIRD anonymous, as the other two sound like they're missing a few screws.

To the first, not sure why you're blaming Emma for the wills and ways of buzz-writers. It's pretty nuts! Whomever was writing MTV's throwaway article on "celebrity dorks" would have to be an idiot not to mention something in Emma's personal life that qualifies her as a 'dork', and with them likely being a low-paid journalist with deadlines to catch, that is by far the most easy-grab 'dorky' thing about her.

Thaïs said...

"this “college educated” epithet is a PR thing and that, at the end, is doing more harm than good to Emma"

I honestly don't understand AT ALL why you're all mad at a sentence saying Emma graduated. That's a great achievement, why not say it ? If that can be an inspiration to get an education, that's 100% positive to me.

When journalists remind that Kanye West has a degree, I'm laughing inside because he got something honorary about a subject he probably never heard of. And then sometimes they remind readers (and not all of them are Emma's fan!) that she actually worked hard aside from her career to get an education, and she actually got a degree out of it. To me, sounds great!!

Anonymous said...

What is the big deal with her BA in English. I respect anyone getting a degree, but she did not do anything extraordinary. It is normal to get a degree if you have the intelligence to work for one. To say that she doesn't need too because she already has a career is nonsense. There are too many celebrity who experienced some success in film say they do not need college because they have their career, but I do not see them getting any better either.
Nowadays anyone can get a BA if they are willing to work hard. We get our degree in the area where our strengths are. I wondered why Emma didn't get her training at RADA with a BA in Acting. There are young people in the UK and USA who are working during the day and taking classes for a MA. Now that is admirable. If Emma would announce that she is working on her MA, now that would be stretching herself. I agree though that this BA degree does not need to be brought up all the time. It is childish and old stuff. Their are actors that are getting graduate and post-graduate degrees. Emma had done nothing out of the ordinary, and I think it is kind of childish to always lift it up as such. Let her get her graduate degree inspite of the fame game.

Anonymous said...

I agree this is nonsense and embarassing. She has done nothing extra ordinary. What is the big deal with Emma getting a degree. Anyone who puts his mind to it can get a BA in something-Duh. The graduate and post-graduate degree is the real challenge.

Thaïs said...

She deserves to be well spoken of not because she graduated (like many other people) but because even though she had milions ££££ in her bank account and a career, she chose education first. That was wise, and she did it well.

Anonymous said...

I also think it is great that she got an education inspite of millions. I agree, and I hope to see Emma in good films and maybe direction, but I understand that some fans are peeved that her BA is always mentioned. Everyone knows and good for her for having finished her degree, but still I would love her to do some graduate work to deepen her goals.
I thnk every fan that has written against this is speaking well of her because in the long run fans are turned off.

Anonymous said...

"The graduate and post-graduate degree is the real challenge." Funny. This is a symptom of the depreciation of the value of higher-education, and is not a good thing. Having a degree was once something special, now it's almost something normal that you just have to waste money on.

Getting a Bachelors at an Ivy League college is still not anything to sneeze at, and still holds a lot of value.

Anonymous said...

Seeing a graduate and post graduate degree as the real challege is not depreciation in this realm of the discussion.Many people have wonderful careers with their BA. And of course Ivy League BA "is nothing to sneeze on",but it is not the totem of education. The normal citizen cannot afford Iv. L. The arguement here though is that Emma's BA does not need to be lifted to an extraordinary event that millions of young people around the world are accomplishing around the world.It does not have to be hung as a Christmas tree light. I am an Emma fan, but I moan when I have to read about her BA again. I want to see some good films or/and something interesting written- the Renaissance woman in the making.

Anonymous said...

Any degree holds a lot of value but move on!