June 12, 2015

Emma Watson is "a beautiful singer, a wonderful dancer" + Disney snapchat

Bill Condon (Beauty and the Beast's director) was asked about the filming of the movie and about the "beautiful Emma Watson" while at the Mr. Holmes premiere. His answer about her was:
Oh my God, I think she's gonna blow everybody away. We've already done two of her musical numbers. She's a beautiful singer, a wonderful dancer. She's become one, you know, for this movie. And she's done... she's just one of the hardest working people I've ever met. She's just doing a really really beautiful job so far.

WATCH FOR YOURSELVES (starts at 0'36)

Also, yesterday, while Emma was filming at the Pinewood Studios, Disney posted a snapchat:

Thanks a lot to M.Abdullah for it.


Muhammad Abdullah said...

Anytime dear.. :)

Anonymous said...

Of course she would. HaVING watched Emma over the years, and loving Rowlings bookss, I always thought she perfected her skill from film to film, and now the other roles, she is doing very well.
Over the years, it had been said, that she over reacted in the HP film. I say that she understood Hermoine with perfection. Hermoine was brilliant, oddly motherly, extremely overreactive. That is the way Rowling portrayed her in the books, and Emma understood that and played that role emotionally to perfection. I do believe though that having played that role for so long, she had to tone it down again and gain a new balance and she has.
I never doubted that she would train her voice to perfection. In Perks we saw that she can dance. Emma will never cease to surprise us.
There are 3 movies that I am really looking forward to: Beauty, Colonia, and Regression- and if true- The Circle will just show us another talented side of Emma Watson. I would like to see her though cash in on her intellectual acquity such as in directing and own literary work. This is just a talented young woman- a multi- layered and talented person with a vulnerable, sensitive, clean presence. She is famous because of talent not bandwagoning on sensational droppings in the society. Her work in HeforShe is balanced and relevent. I am looking forward to seeing more of her work.