July 07, 2015

Could Emma Watson be at Lancôme's birthday party tonight?

2 days ago, Lancôme posted this message on their Instagram:
Lancôme 80th Anniversary Party: 2 days to go
Julia Roberts is a Hollywood legend. The film superstar will be joining us in just a couple of days, for the Lancôme 80th Birthday Party, when for the first time in history, all of our ambassadors will be together, at a unique event to mark 80 years of the brand.
thanks to marie2aline on pottershots

I don't know if they mean past and present ambassadors or only present ones. 

The party will be held in Paris, so if Emma is in the middle of filming 'Beauty and the Beast', it's unlikely she'll be there. But news are slow, so this slight hope is worth an article.

EDIT: Of course, she wasn't there. Damn you, 'Beauty and the Beast' filming.


Thaïs said...

I really hope she'll be there too ! To have new pictures :)

Anonymous said...

i was in the understanding that after Bling Ring, she wanted to lay low key on modeling and focus on her film career.