July 20, 2015

Emma Watson almost kidnapped?

Confirmation it was false.

That's the newest rumour from The Sun.

HARRY Potter actress Emma Watson was the target of a sinister plot on the set of her latest movie. 
Two studio workers were suspected of planning to either kidnap or rob Emma, 25. 
But the plot was foiled when a taxi driver overheard the pair talking. 
He told his bosses, who alerted film chiefs at Shepperton Studios near London. 
Security was stepped up on Friday, with a guard posted outside Emma’s trailer on the set of Beauty and The Beast. 
The plot was discovered because the cabbie spoke the same language as the workers, thought to be cleaners from eastern Europe. 
Emma has been targeted before by stalkers, and a source said: “There was concern about her safety. The taxi staff reported what had been overheard after a night shoot. 
“They said the two studio staff travelling in the cab were chatting in a foreign language, unaware that the driver could understand every word. 
“It is shocking to think anyone would want to rob or harm Emma, particularly a member of studio staff.” 
Emma, playing Belle in the Disney remake, has suffered a series of security scares. 
Filming on Noah was halted after an obsessed fan got on set, and in 2011 she was given a full-time bodyguard after receiving sinister letters while studying in the US.

A spokesperson for the star and Beauty And The Beast told MailOnline: 'The story was looked into by production and found to be unsubstantiated and untrue.'


Anonymous said...

It this thing for real? Like way?

Vicky George said...

The Express has printed that it never happened and the studio deny all knowledge. However one never knows these days and it may well be something they don't want publicised.

Anonymous said...

I do not like this kind of joking around. It just takes a nut to make things real.