August 06, 2015

Emma Watson and fashion figures discuss gender equality

Fashion figures include Jonathan Saunders, Bella Freud, Erdem Moralioglu, and Stella McCartney.


Vicky George said...

I have no doubt that gender equality in the fashion industry leaves a lot still to be accomplished but what I find worse is the inequality in each gender with regard to their own. Both male and female fashion designers and writers not to mention photographers disregard any who are not stick thin in either gender. I wish there was someone like Emma sticking up for those who are not verging on anorexism.

However to see the total lack of gender equality forget the fashion industry and go into other forms of industry such as manufacturing.

Anonymous said...

Emma hit it. I enjoy fashion, but I think men and women should not be created as a fable: starved looking, "fragile men" or sex bomb. That is a disrespect of any gender