August 25, 2015

World Premiere of 'Colonia' at TIFF on September, 13... without Emma Watson

Unfortunately, Emma will probably be filming 'The Circle' in LA that day. Her co-stars Daniel Brühl and Michael Nyqvist will be though.

The program gave a bit about her performance in the movie though:
Watson anchors every sequence with her dynamic yet completely relatable central performance.


Anonymous said...


Does anyone know if the 'ems watson' account on Facebook with the butterfly profile picture is real account?

Vicky George said...

All I know is that if there is a light blue tick against the account then Twitter have checked and it is genuine. If that helps. :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah it was her account. I went there and there were only two pictures but when you click to see likes you will see her friend Sophie Sumner, her brother Alex Watson, her father Chris Watson and so on. It was her real profile so I went and tried to spook her by trying to reset her password and I click for facebook to send the code for the change of the password to her mobile. 5 minutes after that the account was deactivated. I spooked Emma Watson today HA! Also what a weird username 'minnimountain', if it's a mountain it can't be minnie, then it's just a hill, get your shit together Emma! One more thing, what a weird gmail adress, it's like she was taking a piss, starts with a 'n' and then you have 9 characters that you can't see and then 'n' again, what could it be? Because maybe we still have chance to break into her gmail and with that we can do a lot more. Also there is a pinterest account 'minniemountain', it only follows one person and doesn't have any pins whatever pins are.

Anonymous said...

Above anonymous,
What is your problem? Do you have a job? You seem to have too much time on your hands to mess into other people's business.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, she activated it again. She probably realised that I can't actually hack her, it's a lot easier when you know people irl. But it's still funny. She got a text on her phone saying "here is the code you will use to reset your facebook password". Because of me, ain't that funny?

Anonymous said...

No you are not funny and need mental health help.