September 29, 2015

Emma Watson: "I have always insisted on being treated equally"

"I have experienced sexism in that I have been directed by male directors 17 times and only twice by women. Of the producers I’ve worked with 13 have been male and only one has been a woman. But I am lucky: I have always insisted on being treated equally and have generally won that equality. Most of the problems I have encountered have been in the media, where I have been treated so incredibly differently from my male co-stars.

I think my work with the UN has probably made me even more aware of the problems. I went out for a work dinner recently. It was 7 men… and me.

If something does go wrong in the workplace, the support network is not brilliant. The men at the top often find it difficult to relate to a lot of the problems women face and therefore we aren’t taken very seriously. Yet, women are just as guilty of discriminating against women. Some of the best feminists I have encountered are men, like Steve Chbosky who directed me in The Perks of Being a Wallflower, and director James Ponsoldt who I am working with at the moment [on The Circle]. Some women can be incredibly prejudiced against other women!"


Anonymous said...

Sorry Emma! I hate comparisons like this. I would say that the two woman you have been directed by do not make the quality films like the men you have been directed by. I say this as a woman who also wants equal rights for women.
It is not a matter of man or woman, but in the film business: who can make the best films.
Such comparisons are stupid and not helpful. Show me a woman director who is just as good as Steven Spielberg, Christopher Nolan, Peter Jackson, Tom Hooper. Now Jodie Foster is also excellent, and her films are respected and well received. Women show the talent and you will be acknowledged.
Like I said, I am a woman, but I hate stupid general comments in this area. They do more harm than good. Women, get up and prove yourself just like the men must do!

Jonathan Andrew Sheen said...

You're missing the point. Do you think that women have some inherent lack of skill, and that's why there are so few female directors working in the business, that only twice in her 19 films has Emma had a woman director to work with?

Women are very seldom allowed the opportunity to direct, and those who do are almost never given films other than lightweight romances and comedies.

Women in Hollywood are denied opportunities to work in positions of authority. That's a fact, and the disparity Emma pointed out manifestly demonstrates that.

Anonymous said...

Anon does not say women do not have the skill. Jodie Foster was named as a capable director, but rather the talent needs to be there for both men an women. Spielberg, Jackson and Nolan are just one of the best, and most people would agree to that.

Anonymous said...

Come on people!
We are on the brink of WWIII, let us find ways of peace like the end of the Cuba Embargo, where people can find community with one another again. I love films, but this is disgusting as if there are no real problems in the world.