September 14, 2015

Florian Gallenberger: "When Emma Watson is on frame, you look at her"

Transcripted by Watsonuncensored. Credit if you use.

Daniel Brühl: It's not the typical story of a male hero who rescues the girl, it's the other way around. That gives Emma the opportunity to be a strong, young woman.

Florian Gallenberger: I think what's really exceptional about Emma is that she has such a presence, such a bright energy. If she's on frame, you look at her, and I really wanted someone who has this radiant energy to go into a dark place and Colonia Dignidad was a very dark place. I think that's what made the role really interesting for her because she wanted to show that she can play a grown-up woman, that she can pull off a film where she's the main character, and I think that was the challenge for her, to explore these kind of emotions and these kind of conflicts within a character.


Anonymous said...

I like what Florian Gellenberger says about Emma. She definately is a presence to be dealt with. That talented young German director has captured her nuance and ability. Emma Watson is a good actress because I think she does her homework and research to what kind of emotional world her character should portray in a particular setting. I am looking forward to this film.

Vicky George said...

I'm looking forward to it too as I think it's a very interesting storyline and I like both Emma and Daniel.