November 22, 2015

Emma Watson had a meeting about feminism on November 17, 2015

In a new level of creepy in the fandom, someone decided to sell on Ebay, personal notes of Emma that she took during "an advertising meeting at Brown's Hôtel in London on 17.11.2015."

I tried to read what was written, and here's what I could make out of it. The last notes make me think it might be about the HeForShe concert.

Notes 1.

everyone made up their own ???
Robert Webb - "How to be man" Peep show
Dustin Hoffman. Tootsie. Ugly woman ? cried
BLOG CLICK. career love ?? high ground. Trans.
Paris Lees - ? being catcalled in the streets.
No one can speak out about these things without being PERFECT
??? everyone wants to be in.
Feminism. No right or wrong in ART. Creative Cultural Act.

Notes 2.
feminist is
get rich
you LAID
are the
? a light in the sky you know where to find me.

Notes 3.

Grayson Perm
word "Normal"
introverts ?? on social media.
MEN. retribution. what happen were ? roles reversed

Notes 4.

no expectations.
? are ?? anyone trying to be a good person!!
Gone Girl
16 years old
easy thing to do as a long term strategy doesn't ?

Notes 5.

Actor dress up as a woman
Robert Pattinson
dress up as a woman
Idris Elba
Shia LaBoeuf
Jared Leto
Love spreads
things FASTER
not on political or academic revolution

Notes 6.

Live Aid
stream it
Word that will set us all free
less risky


Anonymous said...

can someone transcribe it? I'm never read english like that, can't understand half of it.

Vicky George said...

I don't think anyone can transcribe it as I think it's Emma's shorthand or speedwriting. I agree with Eden that it's kind of creepy how far some fans will go with regard to selling her private notes online.

Anonymous said...

Where dod they get the notes? Are they really hers? Was written hats, Gandalf, a girl, 16, and I thought Dustin Hoffman.

Eden said...

I transcripted what I could. The "?" are the words I can't read. If you have any idea, leave a comment ;)

Anonymous said...

I think it's related to the different points in her life about certain events to do with feminism. Eden if you put some of her quotes in this thread it will make sense. I recall some of these from the GoF-HBP era.