January 25, 2016

Emma Watson will be at the How to: Academy on February 24, 2016

Emma wrote on Our Shared Shelf:

I am so excited to FINALLY be able to tell you my secret! It will be me interviewing Gloria on stage in London at the How to: Academy on the 24th of February. There aren't many tickets left but here is the link - http://www.howtoacademy.com/courses/an-evening-with-gloria-steine. My plan is to upload a video of the entire event onto Our Shared Shelf. I was hoping we could put our heads together and come up with the best possible questions together as a group. I want to ask as many as possible. : ) I hope you're as psyched as I am that our first author discussion is THIS awesome!! eeeee!
E xxx


Anonymous said...

I love the quirk! I smile with affection.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to be there \(#^o^#)/

29AndreG said...

What's that?

Paulinne said...

Eden, there will be Colonia Premiere in Berlin on the 5th February, not on the 1st. Colonia Dignidad shared this on facebook and added: our gerat premiere and all stars are going to attend (in german og course) :)


Hast du am 5. Februar noch nichts vor? Nein? Sehr gut! Denn dann schicken wir dich zur Galapremiere von "Colonia Dignidad - Es gibt kein Zurück" nach Berlin, wo du mir Stars wie Emma Watson und Daniel Brühl über den roten Teppich laufen wirst!

Eden said...

THank you Paulinne! :D