January 13, 2016

Mentions of Emma Watson in the media [Jan 11 - Jan 17, 2016]

  • Emma is among the highest grossing actors

The 14 films Emma played in add up to a gross of more than 2,6 billions of dollars, the last Harry Potter film being her highest grossing film.

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  • Corinne Foxx (daughter of Jamie) admires Emma

After graduating from USC college in May (16), Corinne is determined to follow her dreams into acting. However she wanted to study before trying her luck on screen, and is happy she put education first. When it comes to her acting idols, Corinne looks towards those with a similar outlook to her.

"I've always admired actresses who have prioritised their education, so Natalie Portman, Emma Watson and Rashida Jones are big inspirations," she praised.


Anonymous said...

love that picture!

Anonymous said...

I remember so clearly when she posted it in 2013. Such a bright happy smile to be back in the Oxford area. And to study/learn!

Anonymous said...

In the mean time, she has shed the baby fat. Emma is thin, but I do not think she looks unhealthy.

HolyDevil said...

On the left, you've got the complete darkness.
And on the right, where Emma is standing and smiling, you've got light and brightness. Nice illustration.

(Was this the photographer's intention? :-) )

(the following isn't meant mean: this pic could be used by Emma's officials as 'propaganda pic'. maybe someone should tell them! >;oP )

(Kisses to Emma >;oP )