January 08, 2016

Regression, starring Emma Watson, released in the US on February 5, 2016

Like other people I know, I had given up on a release in the US, but we were wrong. Kamal told us the film will be released on February 5, 2016, 4 days after the release of the DVD in the UK. According to Comingsoon (reliable website), it'll be a limited release though. So not lots of theaters will show it.

I imagine the number of people seeing it then will be laughable, but let's hope it means we'll get new interviews (Yes, I'm also hoping for photoshoots. I'm a dreamer).

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Anonymous said...

I don't know why she's doing this to herself. She's an A lister during the Potter films. It went down all the way since Perks. Hopefully B&B will change all this slide.