January 11, 2016

Sophia Bush "'Our Shared Shelf' with Emma Watson is exciting"

Sophia Bush was at the Golden Globes on Sunday and talked about the book club:
It always excites me when I find like-minded women in this industry who are working to uplift women. And I think, in particular, to see Emma trailbazing — she’s so young, and she’s so passionate, and that excites me, that there’s other women who are really jazzed about this. And we all started chatting on Twitter, and you know, I sort of took a moment and thought, ‘I’m talking to Emma Watson and my friend Abby Wambach, and we’re starting a book club, and this is crazy. And it excites me that this sort of thing is happening around treating women better. It should be. A lot of people have already started reading it, and Gloria Steinem’s excited, and that’s pretty much the craziest sentence that’s ever come out of my mouth.

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Everyone's so excited!