July 19, 2016

Emma Watson will comment on Beauty and the Beast on July 22

During the TV premiere of 'Elena of Avalor', Disney Channel will feature exclusive first-look previews. But I'm a bit confused about what that'll be.

Deadline make it sound like the teaser-trailer of 'Beauty and the Beast' that we've already seen will be shown for the first time on TV ("exclusive television premiere of a teaser trailer for Disney’s upcoming Beauty and the Beast starring Emma Watson"), but TV Line talk about "a fresh trailer for next year’s Beauty and the Beast (accompanied by comments from star Emma Watson)".

So we'll get comments from Emma, but I'm not sure if it'll be the teaser-trailer that we know of, or a trailer we haven't seen yet.


Anonymous said...

Eden do you know where we can watch it?

Anonymous said...

Eden pardon I don't understand your update here at all could you be more specific as to what it is about? Will Emma be there or not or some facetiming thing?

Ross Taggart said...

Disney channel 22/07/2016 17;00 GMT during "Elena of Avalor" will give brief interview.