August 07, 2016

Mentions of Emma Watson in the media [Aug 01 - 07, 2016]

I decided to post the "mentions of Emma" articles on Sundays now. They never are particularly interesting and there's never anything to post on Sundays, so that'll fill it.

"Listen, Jennifer Lawrence deserves every bit as much as her male counterpart. It's indisputable. Emma Watson is an amazing young woman, and it's important for her to talk about women's issues. She isn't concerned about herself. Women are paying the bills, getting it done, getting the kids here and there. The more we address that, we are all going to be better."

* * *

  • Emma is gymnast Sam Mikulak's celebrity crush
"Hermione Granger – Emma Watson – she is just a fox!" he also said at the time. "That whole Harry Potter grind got me obsessed. I did some shout-outs and maybe she'll see that when Olympic time comes around."

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  • Emma among the 2016 Top 20 Actors on Social Media

After the actor Vin Diesel hit the 100M followers on Facebook, Deadline decided to list the Top 20 actors on social media. Emma is #12 with 68.4M followers.


Jonathan Andrew Sheen said...

Well, this is awesome news for me!

"Hey, Emma, listen, I know you're with a millionaire industrialist, but, when you're free, you can hook up with an unemployed, middle-aged fat guy 30 years older than you, or you can pick this loser!"

Man, I am in like Flynn!

Anonymous said...

People don't have enough to do. What a life?

AnnieBC said...

Eden, have you seen the picture Charlotte Hayward posted on her Instagram account this weekend?

PDXP said...

I'm glad she did a huge movie again with Beauty, as she'll have the awards circuit, talk shows, interviews, photo shoots. Maybe some of that with the Circle too. She's been too scarce lately.

Anonymous said...

She is fading into oblivion. Maybe she wants it that way. Personally, I think she much more talented in other areas. She should stock up for a Masters and PhD; she certainly has the brains and do something really meaningful.

Ross Taggart said...

She does many important things I would list them but you can look them up for yourself or have a look down this page. She can do both these things and act why not.

Think of it this way she made her money making people happy and entertained more that I can say what about you. And now she has all the other work she is engaged in rather than rest on her laurels as you suggest.

Anonymous said...

Her smile is so plastered and unreal.

Ross Taggart said...

Her smile is a smile, lovely actually.