October 02, 2016

Emma Watson at HeForShe's 2nd anniversary celebration at MOMA [September 20, 2016]

Emma is on the front row, so you can see her back every now and again. She comes on stage at 1:10:05 to give Justin Trudeau the HeForShe pin, and at 1:43:34 to make her speech.


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Ross Taggart said...

Impressive achievement getting two world leaders to attend your event even with UN backing.

PDXP said...

Haha, love the big smile. I like her hair this length too.

Anonymous said...

I love her hair now!!! she is very prety and her speech is amazing
and one thing, the dress is similar with the dress she wore to art week in NY, right?

Anonymous said...

Emma looks so happy!. Thanks Eden.