January 04, 2017

Emma Watson will cover ELLE UK and British Vanity Fair

We already knew that Emma would appear in the British Vanity Fair , and we now know according to 8eight on The Fashion Spot, that she'll cover the issue but will also cover ELLE UK.

No precision about when, but I'm guessing it should be the February or March issues.


Anonymous said...

I love seeing her in pic, but more than ever I would like to see some for film roles.

Anonymous said...

ELLE UK February Issue is already out and I mean Vanity Fair will be March Issue too, February Issue would be out around now and it's too soon considering the real promotion of the movie will start around the middle of February

Ross Taggart said...

Shall keep a look out I expect there will be more promotional magazine work as the movie realise date who knows might even turn up on some chat shows if we are lucky.