February 23, 2017

Emma Watson nominated for 2017 NatWest British LGBT Awards

British LGBT Awards founder Sarah Garrett MBE said:

"The 2017 NatWest British LGBT Awards shortlist features inspirational people who have and continue to use their platform to promote and enhance LGBT rights all over the world.

"All nominees are absolutely deserving of their place on the shortlist but it is now down to the public to choose their winners ahead of the ceremony which is set to be the biggest yet when it takes place in London on 12 May."

The ceremony will also pay tribute to the late George Michael, who passed away on Christmas Day (25.12.16).

The winner for each category is determined by the public, who can cast their votes now by visiting www.BritishLGBTAwards.co.uk.


Snow said...

Okay but what did she do for lgbt community tho?

Anonymous said...


Ross Taggart said...

The voting for this was exclusively by members of the LGBT+ community

Anonymous said...

I hope she gets off this row boat soon and begins to invest in making good films. Doesn't she want to be an actress. Actors contribute much to society when they make good films and not trash. There is so much out there that ruins the human spirit. Beauty and the Beast should be wonderful and The Circle revealing.

Anonymous said...

maybe she should study law and political science and get into politics. She does not seem to have any film lined up other than those already filmed: B&B and The Circle. She is quite intelligent.