February 14, 2017

[SCANS] Emma Watson covers ELLE UK (March 2017)

picturepub, emmacwatsons


Ross Taggart said...

Getting this tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Is she only modeling- actually too short to be a model. I think B§B Over La La Land was a gigantic mistake. Emma Stone is not a better actress than Emma Watson; Emma would have done fine. I don't think she made a smart mood. She should have known from Whiplash that the director was going strong with a real story-telling curve. I hope she makes better choices in the future. I am not really interested in seeing her in more fairy princesses. She is getting too old for those kind of roles. Tiffany

Ross Taggart said...

And when she wins her Oscar what will you say then anon. Something positive and supportive 😊