March 04, 2011

More info about Emma Watson and Alberta Ferretti's collection 'Pure Thread'

Interview of Alberta Ferretti and Emma Watson:

The “green” capsule collection by Alberta Ferretti and British actress Emma Watson is only the first step in a long-term project that will associate Ferretti with “sensitive people, who want to be supportive of these kind of issues,” the designer told WWD.

Produced with materials and techniques that are environmentally friendly and made in Italy, the collection is labeled Pure Threads by Emma Watson Alberta Ferretti and will be available exclusively on beginning March 21.

“Rather than an opportunity, this is an urgent project,” said Ferretti. “Ecological materials cost twice as much, and selling online is a way to reach customers around the world faster, while containing costs.”
Part of the proceeds will be donated to People Tree, a nonprofit organization Watson supports. People Tree collaborates with manufacturers in 15 developing countries and stimulates small companies to produce low-impact clothing.

The collection, whose packaging is also environmentally friendly, consists of five pieces: two dresses, a shirt, a long skirt and a pair of denim shorts, all enriched with lace embroideries and made with organic fabrics such as cotton poplin, cotton muslin and hemp. “Emma had a Jane-Birkin-in-the-Seventies image in mind,” said Ferretti of the inspiration. While more accessible to a wide range of customer than her signature collection, the designs, Ferretti said, still feature her feminine and romantic touches. Prices range from 250 euros, or $345, to 850 euros, or $1,173 at current exchange.

“I’m pleased that a luxury brand such as Alberta Ferretti has decided to create ecological clothes,” said Watson. “I believe this is a big step forward for all of the international fashion industry, but also an important step for an increased sensitivity to the problem of ecology.”

“I’m grateful Emma accepted this creative partnership that can contribute to fashion and to the health of the planet,” said Ferretti of Watson. The actress, internationally known for her role as Hermione in the “Harry Potter” films for more than a decade, has worn Ferretti designs over the years and is emerging as a fashion plate on the red carpet, in addition to appearing in Burberry’s ads.

“She’s an actress I’ve followed since her early days. I like her freshness, her spontaneity and simplicity,” said Ferretti. “She is intelligent, with a strong personality, a young, modern girl of today but aware of social issues at the same time and very rigorous. This is a moment that demands strong attention to these issues and we can help in communicating them,” said the designer.
Source: IHeartWatson


Snowflake said...

And I found some of the people tree stuff expensive. I don't really have 250 euro laying around to spend on clothing being a poor student.
It's good that some of the money will be donated to people tree though.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

She needs to wear people tree more. She does productive placement with burberry, chanel, calvin klien and other high end things like accessories but never wears fair trade in the same way.

Its simple, she wears it, people talk and it creates buzz. All she is doing is putting her name on a cause, designing and modeling but not wearing or advocating. In the end she looks good but she makes more money for high end.

remember she did win best dressed female brit last year and none fo that was from wearing fair trade or organic clothing. Im just saying.

Kristin M. said...

@ above comment:

Counter-point: Emma is photographed by the paparazzi maybe once, twice, three times a month at most (excluding before and after award shows or movie premieres). Just because she's not wearing PT on the days that she's photographed doesn't mean she doesn't wear PT other other 29 days a month. Maybe she feels it's too cliche to wear PT all the time. It would be like Dan wearing a t-shirt that says "watch Harry Potter". Emma supports PT, but it's not like her life is 100% devoted to PT. No celebrity CONSTANTLY wears their clothing line.

Plus, this isn't Emma's clothing line, it's just a company she supports and submits a couple of designs to. Trust me, I'm sure that Kyra Knightly didn't wear Chanel all the time when she promoted it. I will admit in all or most paparazzi photos of Emma, she seems to not be wearing PT (most of the time she wears jackets which cover what's underneath).

You don't see Matt Damon moving to South Africa because he supports getting clean water to African children, do you? You don't see George Clooney moving to Darfur because he wants to stop violence, do you?

This is Emma Watson we're talking about. Hermione Granger. I know this PT fashion thing is her little "baby" that she's worked on for 2 years, she doesn't need to shamelessly promote the stuff by wearing it constantly.

Unless you watch Emma 24/7, you have no right to judge what she wears. It sucks that internet trolls are allowed to comment on here like this. It's sad that all you have to talk about is what she wears everyday. It's getting old. You think people are actually listening to you?

Kyndra said...

It's like she's only making clothing lines for people that have her kind of money, she needs to make something middle class people can buy. Fair trade would make a bigger impact if it weren't so expensive.

Anonymous said...

Kristin you're a tool. You have no clue what you are talking about. She counter productive to her own stated cause when she wears burberry, chanel and calvin klien. end of story. Even in her paps pics she is not in people tree. Her casual wear is off the rack and not out of the people tree catalog.

Eden said...

Kyndra: If Fair Trade is expensive it's because the ones who are making the clothes (all by hands) are paid more than those who are making clothes for big brands. That's exactly what the Fair Trade consists in, to give the workers a decent remuneration. When people buy the clothes that we (I assume you're as broke as me) can afford, those who worked to make them are paid almost nothing.

Anonymous said...

I was just caught by the idea. And wanna ask:

I see Emma often in different outfit. A new coat, new bag, scarf and so on..
And don't you think this is overconsuming, do you? Being a fighter of these kinds of issues - as Emma suppossed to be - I constantly wear the same clothes except buying 5-6 fair trade clothing this year. I mean HEY! Do you consume so much? Shouldn't people realise the importance of using as little as vital?

Anonymous said...

this is just advertising, as well as his studies at Brown,

Anonymous said...

anon above she dropped out of Brown

Anonymous said...

@E-Chee: Your rudeness just makes people here respect you even less than they already did.

Your last comment didn't take into account any of the things Kristin M. said. Her main point being: 'Unless you watch Emma 24/7, you have no right to judge what she wears.'

Get a life. You sound like such a child, lol!

Anonymous said...

And isn't it funny that the 'OMG Your blog is awesome!' comments to E-Chee have stopped since someone pointed out that it could just be E-Chee disguised as an anonymous commenter? Haha! =D

Anonymous said...

guys stop bagging each other out. you're all as bad as each other.

Although I adore some of Alberta Ferreti's stuff, i don't think I can afford any of this collection!


Anonymous said...

Anon above i think your the one that said echees blog is awesome. You're playing games now. Thaks for pointing that out for no apparent reason.


Anonymous said...

Anon above
FYI i don't even understand what ur saying.
Ppl like you make me so sad. Your only trying to make trouble amongst viewers of this site when the point of the comment box is to be able to voice opinions of what Emma Watson is up to.

also i'm not anonymous, my name is Lana and the only reason i post under anonymous is because i don't have any of the accounts listed below. whether u choose to believe me or not is your own business.
It's not like uve attempted to identify yourself.