August 19, 2011

Emma Watson in I-D Magazine [Pictures + Interview]


One sentence (or more) is missing at the end of the first picture and the picture is cut on the right but it's not my fault, it's Vivanco's site that didn't allow me to see it.

EDIT: The words missing at the end of the first part of interview is:
shutter clicked, she came up with the idea of playing a French maid: "This is the second time I've worked with Mariano he's like my naughty big brother, we do our own thing, leave the world behind and go off to create and invent stuff together." The actress confesses, "Being myself
And then it's the other part.


Chudo said...

Is she really nude under that golden jacket? ))

Eden said...

There is no way to tell. She doesn't wear a bra on the other pictures so maybe.

Anonymous said...

I am totally calm, but I still don't like Mariano V. I don't know how he does it, but he manages to make Emma look weird in about 50 percent of his of pictures of her.