August 23, 2011

Ezra Miller and Safia Minney talk about Emma Watson

"You better gird your loins," Perks actor Ezra Miller told me the other day while promoting his newest flick, Beware the Gonzo. "When it comes to Emma people just have no idea. People have no idea what they're in for. It's great!"
Source: EOnline

How exactly did the partnership with the actress Emma Watson come to be?

It was her mother that knew someone on our board – an Oxford Professor who works a lot on fair-trade. A meeting was set up and it went from there! I think we very much wanted the same things – a collection that spoke to younger people but also had the integrity of being 100% fair-trade. She was really creative, really open-minded and absolutely lovely to work with. We took her out to Bangladesh this time last year and she was stunned by the level of artistry and hand-skills that go into making product. She was very involved and thinks about things very deeply, which was just wonderful.

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