March 16, 2012

Emma Watson changes her Facebook profile picture

Picture by Harry Crowder

New Emma Watson Facebook message : 

"Hey everyone, well here I am in Los Angeles about to start shooting The Bling Ring! Can't wait to get going. How do you like my new profile pic?? Hope you're all ok! Em x"

Harry Crowder about this Picture : 

"Hi everyone. I'm off to the coast this weekend for a bit of a break, but before I go thought I'd post this new pic of Em. This is being used for her facebook page and Twitter! This photo is quite special, because it's one of the first photos I ever took of Emma at her home the first time we met. Her brother Alex was sitting on the bed behind me whilst I took this photo and he said something that made her laugh. Have a nice weekend everyone. Harry x"

Source : Facebook


Anonymous said...

Want to see her brother act too....he's very good looking guy

Jason said...

They could be shootong in the next few dats or a week.

Kristin said...

There's nothing prettier than Emma Watson when she's smiling/laughing. I'm not talking red carpet smile (fake, in a way.) I'm taking a candid, natural smile when she's laughing, exactly like this photo. This has to be one of my top 5 favorite pics of her.

I wish he would have taken a photo of Emma with Alex. Since they were in the same room, it would have been easy.

Chris said...

Truth be told, I actually like these types of photos of her in black and white than in color.

Anonymous said...

I love that picture!

Anonymous said...

Directors give alex watson a role. The kid has spikes!