May 24, 2012

Emma Watson WON'T be in The Happy Prince

I received several comments telling me about this. As I said on the Facebook page of the blog and Twitter, it's Emily Watson who will work on this film with Rupert Everett and Colin Firth, not Emma.


Tina with a D said...

Well then...

It would be nice of they would get Emma's name right for once. Reporters have confused her with Emily Watson on numerous occasions over the years.

I was wondering where this would fit into Emma's schedule. I am also wondering how Emma is going to promote Perks (PROPERLY!) if she goes back to school in September. I hope she doesn't just do 1 or 2 quick interviews and do a little crappy premiere in London or Paris, or NYC. I wanna see her go all over the place (especially Hollywood where all the talk shows are.)

Chris said...

People have been screwing those two up for months now, whether it's movie roles, apperances, magazines, red carpets...and I doubt it's going to end anytime soon.