June 08, 2012

New miscellanous pictures of Emma Watson

I know I owe you a big update on the MTV article, but let's begin by these pictures. The MTV update will come later (probably not today).

Some of the pictures below might not be new for you, but I don't think I had posted them here yet.

Still of Deathly Hallows Part 2:
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Source: Snitchseeker

Stills of Deathly Hallows Part 1:
HPDH1 06258HPDH1 06360HPDH1 06361HPDH1 06368
Source: EWD

Filming The End of The World:
end 2roghen 640eweotw1eweotw2eweotw3eweotw4
Source: Pottershots

London Premiere of Deathly Hallows 1:
sckphotography tumblr
Credit: Tumblr

London Premiere of Deathly Hallows Part 2:
andifyoucaredontletthemknow tumblr
Credit: Tumblr

US Premieres of Deathly Hallows Part 1 and 2:
joellamarano11joellamarano6joellamarano12joellamarano7joellamarano8joellamarano9joellamarano1joellamarano2joellamarano15joellamarano17joellamarano18joellamarano19joellamarano20joellamarano23joellamarano24joellamarano25joellamarano26joellamarano28joellamarano29joellamarano30tumblr lp8j8t Ay KB1qgg566o1 500tumblr lq5aode U2p1qzsy70o1 500joellamarano21joellamarano3joellamarano4joellamarano13tumblr loa36jx A3 T1qch6who1 1280joellamarano14joellamarano22
Credit: Joella Marano

LancĂ´me Dinner in Hong Kong:
miss stellaviola tumblr 1miss stellaviola tumblr 2miss stellaviola tumblr 3miss stellaviola tumblr 4miss stellaviola tumblr 5miss stellaviola tumblr 6miss stellaviola tumblr 7miss stellaviola tumblr 8miss stellaviola tumblr 9miss stellaviola tumblr 10miss stellaviola tumblr 11miss stellaviola tumblr 12miss stellaviola tumblr 13miss stellaviola tumblr 14miss stellaviola tumblr 15miss stellaviola tumblr 16miss stellaviola tumblr 17miss stellaviola tumblr 18miss stellaviola tumblr 19miss stellaviola tumblr 20miss stellaviola tumblr 21miss stellaviola tumblr 22miss stellaviola tumblr 23
Credit: EWD

2 June in LA:
Today dear readers I am proud to say I lost my celebrity sighting virginity! To Emma Watson nonetheless, and I am honored! It wasn’t a mere sighting either, she sat next to me to get her nails done which took like 30 minutes! Gaaah amazing plus she kept checking out my top
Credit: FM


Jason said...

Eden that column at the ending. I'm a little confused lol. Did you see her and wrote that or is from someone else.

CutiePie32 said...

Wow Eden,how ever did you contain yourself?...what was it like?.....i would have at least tried to ger her attention & smile:)

Chris said...

I think the comment refers to the person who saw Emma on the 2nd in LA. Unless Emma went to France or Eden went to the States in the last week lol

coslopus said...

Great pic update! It's always nice to see new pics of Emma, even if they're old. All I have to say is, thank goodness for camera phones!!

I lost my celebrity virginity to Dan (London Equus showing, then again in NYC @ the stage door for an autograph). Then it was Caesar Milan, The Dog Whisperer. What a thrill...

Tia said...

i love photo updates! Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

i wish i was that chick doing emma's nails XD

Anonymous said...

Great experience! I'd love to meet Rupert Grint in a similar way!

Anonymous said...

What does your top look like. ( The getting your nails done situation.)

Anonymous said...

who lost virginity ??

Chris said...

I actually use to work at a restaurant owned by a former NHL player, seeing a stars like that for the first time is absolutely thrilling, but after a little bit you see the real person.