August 17, 2015

Behind Emma Watson's Vogue UK September cover

Often there's a stand-out story behind the hairstyle chosen for the Vogue cover shoot - think Lara Stone's anti-cat hair for August 2015, or Kate Moss's multiple transformations for December 2014 - but for the September 2015 issue featuring Emma Watson, it was a case of things very simply coming together. 
"Lucinda wanted something quite natural, and something with beautiful texture. Emma naturally has very nice hair to play around with so I quickly tried a couple of styles in the morning with Lucinda, and Emma and we all liked the texture of this side-parted half-up-do," said hairstylist Shon (Hyung Sun Ju), who also created Alexa Chung's undone hairstyle on the June 2011 cover. "We all loved the look - it's very simply beautiful and complements Emma's beautiful eyes." 
Windswept textures were seen across the autumn/winter 2015 catwalks, from extreme incarnations at Marni to softer styles at Ralph Lauren and Rodarte. Gently sweeping fringes were also on the menu, at Maxmara, Jil Sander and Vera Wang. 
"Emma's hair was lightly prepped with TIGI Bed Head Superstar Queen for a Day Thickening Spray , adding a side parting with a very gentle wave running through. The hair was then brushed out, and shaken using the hands," Shon explained. "L'Oréal Professionel Texture Expert Shine Perfection Serum was used to finish off the texture before roughly creating the half-up-do look, being careful not have it sitting too tight." 
The key factor though? Healthy hair. In the same way that the current no make-up trend has shone the light on a flawless skincare regime, hairstyles like this call for a careful and considered approach to haircare. 
"It's not difficult. You should choose the right shampoo, conditioner, and mask treatment to use at home to maintain healthy hair," Shon told us. "Once you have nice, healthy looking hair to play with, it's easy to create a look like this at home with very little extra product."


Thaïs said...

Though the interview is great (the article), I didn't really like the photoshoot, especially what they did with her hair and face. She'll always be beautiful but here she's not at her best.

Vicky George said...

I did like the hair and the dresses but I didn't like the boots - they made her legs look incredibly short- and I didn't like the photo of her with her legs wide open.

Jonathan Andrew Sheen said...

I really liked the very naturalistic "just fell out of bed" look she sports in this shoot.

Anonymous said...

No…the legs wide open pics are done in classy way! We have to clear that. It’s just like the super miniskirts, the extra short shorts with the bra promoting The Bling Ring or even her underwear showing in the Letterman show. They are all done in a classy way. I just dream of that feminist day that all male actors will dress the same way. George Clooney with shorts up to his ass in Letterman Show. This will add so much class and quality in our already great lives.

Anonymous said...

Her ears look horrible. I find the pictures to look unnatural and somewhat raw.