February 07, 2016

Emma Watson: "Our Shared Shelf has become incredibly meaningful to me"

Transcription by Watsonuncensored. Credit if you use it.

On Our Shared Shelf:
It's become incredibly meaningful to me actually. We reached out 100.000 followers yesterday which was amazing. Well, I shouldn't say followers, they're members. The discussions on my first book by Gloria Steinem, My Life on the Road, have been amazing. I just announced the second yesterday. It's The Color Purple by Alice Walker and it's getting a great response too, so it's been amazing.

On Our Shared Shelf on Instagram:
It's just really heart-warming to see people engaging with it and to see people in their pyjamas, cuddled with a cup of tea, reading the book. Or with their cat or their dog or their boyfriend or whoever it is, and it's just... I don't know, it makes it real and it's been really heart-warming to see these pictures, yeah.


Anonymous said...

Her lipstick colour is a very nice shade. Great to know she highlighted on goodreads and shared-shelf at the premiere. I just found out she has an official instagram account.

Anonymous said...

Emma can wear anything and be beautiful. That bun though- only she could pull such a donut off.