February 07, 2016

Emma Watson: "Realistic movies require a different kind of research, which I really loved"

Transcription by Watsonuncensored. Credit if you use it.

About the themes of the movies still being relevant today:
I think that's why it's so important to study history, it's to try and make sure that these events don't come back around again and that we learn from things that happened in the past, and I think Colonia is no exception, really.

About her approach to the realistic setting compared to the one to a fantasy setting:
Obviously, because it's set in a real place, and quite recently, I think it requires a different kind of research because you're obviously trying to make a story that will tell authentic, true to life, as real as you possibly can, . So it gives a different element, which I actually really loved.


Anonymous said...

Good point in her first comment,politicians and government figures need to take a leaf out of Emma's book.

Vicky George said...

As a lover of history as well as liking Emma I do hope the film IS going to be released over here as I do so want to see it.

Anonymous said...

As far as I know Emma did not say anything anyone did not know. But one has to make a distinction between those that love God and those that in the name of God cause evil in the world.