June 30, 2015

Emma Watson is at Taylor Swift's concert in London [June 27, 2015]

She was with her friend Amy, her bodyguard Denise, and her sister-in-law Lauren.


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Thaïs said...

Too bad.... A few weeks ago and she could have been in the bad blood video haha :D

GoldenGemster said...

It's great to see Emma out enjoying herself away from the world of films. I hope she had a great time.

Hello! said...

Thak you sso much for the info! A picture of Emma and Taylor :-D

Anonymous said...

A film with taylor and emma would be great

Anonymous said...

Sister- in law Lauren? Which brother of hers is married?

I'm so happy for her; she seems to have enjoyed the concert and the outing a lot. She looks really happy. I hope she continues to always be happy. :)

I would also like to see Lauren's picture. ;)

Eden said...

David got married.

And you can see Lauren at the balcony with Emma and Amy.

Anonymous said...

OMG! When??

Anonymous said...

Is Lauren the bushy/frizzy haired woman with sunglasses on?

Unknown said...

Do you still have the pictures from their wedding on your site?

Anonymous said...

Amy is the dark-haired one. She has been shown in other pictures with Emma.