March 08, 2016

Emma Watson lighting the Empire State Building for IWD [March 8, 2016]

She was with Chirlane McCray.



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Anonymous said...

what's with the nasty scratches on her face? :O

Anonymous said...

I think the nasty scratches are the lipstick of the women next to her ^^

Anonymous said...

I know she is film star ad everything but does she have to wear "special" clothes all the time? She alwats wears special, interesting designer clothes. IMO, she should be wearing plain clothes for her humanitarian work, simpler, classic stuff like pant suits or simple black dress. She is always too dressed up, too styled.

Anonymous said...

Emma has been good, although for me she wqas better in the interview with Gloria and in the Davos

Anonymous said...

Emma was nervous, at first with the nervous laugh, she did not know what to do with her hands, she has been making nervous movements, otherwise well, it is true that I saw her better in the interview with Gloria Steimen and in World Economic Forum in Davos, here I have seen more I do not know,shy, " low light"... I do not I know how to say in English, sorry :(
but I'm glad she's doing something for equality and wish her the best :)

Anonymous said...