March 08, 2016

Emma Watson at the inauguration of HeForShe Arts Week in NY [March 8, 2016]




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Anonymous said...

Who is the guy she is posing with in the first picture? Is he one of her stepbrothers?

Anonymous said...

Soory My english is very bad so someone can say me what Emma say please?
Thanks you!

Anonymous said...

That's Mark Ruffalo, Anon 1.

Anonymous said...

She is getting very good at this! Pleased to see her being involved in all these events and overcoming her own fears at the same time. She looks very lovely! Great speech overall.

Anonymous said...

That's Mark Ruffalo, Anon 1. No no He is not Mark Ruffalo, Mo, I do not know who he is but He is not Mark Ruffalo