December 24, 2010

Emma Watson out and about in London

Source: X17


Jackie said...

It looks like she's starting to let the hair grow out a bit! I'm surprised at how well it works longer. I wonder if she'll continue to let it grow, or chop it back while she's in London?

Serge said...

But she still looks perfect,this haircut makes her older a bit,and younger a bit,too... Good to know that she's all fine,safe,and happy.

Eden,you always brings fresh news about my beloved Emma,thank you for everything,and may the miracle of Christmas fill your heart with warmth and love. Christmas is the time of giving and sharing. It is the time of loving and forgiving. Merry Christmas to you,your family and friends,and for everyone here!

Miiiss-Watson said...

Joyeux Noël Eden :)

Eden said...

Thanks a lot Serge, that's very sweet :) Same to you.

Joyeux Noël à toi aussi MW :)

Anonymous said...

People and Paparazzis leave her alone.Even on Christmas you can't let it and upload such Photos.To remember you,the Photos were taken in her PRIVATE life.She doesn't even look that happy,1 more Reason not to upload
The biggest Reason is always the same.She haetes Paparazzis and People who upload private Photos of her (includes Brown)

well,though I don't think you are showing much Respect with Brown Photos and these Paparazzi

Happy X-Mas

Eden said...

The pictures were taken yesterday (23rd) so technically, we all left her alone on Christmas.

And yeah, if she hates people posting these pictures then she hates me, big deal :p

There are 3 pictures (where she doesn't look mad to me at all, she doesn't even seem to care). I agree that paparazzi can go too far sometimes (like the day of her 18th birthday) but there's nothing to complain much here I think.

Happy Christmas to you too

Anonymous said...

You know,People can think you are stalking her whole life trough the Web...

you can see that her she doesn't look unhappy,but not happy neither and that is because of the Paparazzis,I'm sure.
You are leaving her alone on Christmas.Where is she today?Yes,at Home,where no one can take Photos of her and then?

Then the posting of these Photos continue.
I'm sure you would upload Photos of today,if there would be some and it wouldn't be a Suprise if you can't wait til she is going back to Uni,so you can search for more Photos of her private life.I hate,that People can't give her privacy.No Suprise that she wants a normal life.I hope she can get if even more after HP ends,since it's what she wants the most

Sorry,but even on her old Homepage was written,that she is really upset to see private Photos of her in the Web and hates it and Fans should not do it
Fans wouldn't even think on making her's enough that Paparazzis are doing it the most of Time and can't leave her alone.I hope for Emma that you will stop this one Day and continue this Site without Paparazzi and private Photos.If you can't do it,I hope for her that you will grow out of this

Anonymous said...

I think if emma was truly completely against publicity then she wouldn't do the amount of interviews/photoshoots/modelling/continued acting that she does.

Eden said...

If people think I stalk her life just because I check pictures agencies and a forum then I can't do anything for them. The thing is I couldn't care less about what people think about me. I'm not looking for her pictures or spottings on facebook or twitter so I know I'm far from being a stalker that's all what's important for me.

None of us can know how she feels so I won't talk about it anymore, but yeah, if there had been pictures of her today I would have posted it. And no, I'm not looking for pictures of her when she's in Brown. I don't know if by pictures from Brown you're talking about the ones that are taken by her friends, random people from Brown or paparazzi, but about the pictures taken by her friends I don't look for them and don't post them anymore, about the pictures taken by random people from Brown, lecture them, not me if you're that upset. And about the paparazzi pictures, they only took pictures of her 2 days I think and it was just because there was the HP premieres coming. So no, I can't say that I agree at all about paparazzi following her when she's at uni because I know that all we need to study correctly is to be left in peace, believe me or not. But when people come to this blog they expect to see every aspects of Emma, under and far from the highlights, that's the point of the blog, so no, I won't stop posting paparazzi pictures. Maybe one day, who knows? I finally stopped posting the pictures posted by her friends, so why not the paparazzi pictures, but that is definitely not in my future plans. And she said in lots of interviews that she succeeded to find a normal life by going to uni.

And finally, I really doubt she ever heard about my blog and according to the number of visits or comments, I really doubt Watsonuncensored is a reference despite what some people seem to think. So no, I'm not the one spreading the paparazzi like others already said in the past so no, I really doubt she can be upset by what's going on with my blog. And I also really doubt that she's checking the internet to know what people are sayign about her, but once again, none of us can know. Also, I think saying that paparazzi can't leave her alone is exaggerating, they're not posted in front of her appartment waiting for her to go out.

To really finish, I apologize for all the mistakes that I probably made in my speech but it's 3am and I don't want to think about the ortograph :p

Anonymous said...

I agree with the anonymous comment. If she hated it she wouldn't do so much interviews/photoshoots and modelling.