June 13, 2011

Behind the scenes of Emma Watson in Vogue Photoshoot

Source : Youtube, Vogue


Anonymous said...

I think Emma looks pretty good on the cover. Other than that, I think she looks better talking about the photo shoot than she does in the photo shoot. I mean, who wears makeup like that? I agree with Emma ... "It was weird! I can hardly recognize myself!" Mario goes crazy with lipstick and blush and slicking her hair back. I think you can be artistic and still be at least a little natural.

Bluelly said...

Je ne pensais pas à avoir une vidéo si vite.

Anonymous said...

@ anon above: I thought the same, I prefer her in the interview. She is sooo beautiful and cute in it, when she is natural.
But I like also to see her in a different way. I think she is so adorable in this video. The "thanks you Mario" with her little voice at the ends kills me. And she seems so happy and excited during the interview, it's great to see her like that. And I'm happy with the picture they choose for the cover, she is perfect on it. It's better than the image at 0:40.

Marion said...

she got herself two chickens? that's cool...I had chickens too ;)

Anonymous said...

Two chickens? I know a friend who would like to hear that :P.

I like her photoshoot, very different, but I like also to see her as a normal girl and a happy one. Hope she'll continue develop her acting skills and become a great actress. It would be a change from all those crappy child stars who became nobodies and ciminals.

Anonymous said...

"Lying" is a little strong, Echee. Let's go with "indecisive" for now.

She does look great in the video.

Anonymous said...

lol echee give her a break!

just stop with your comments please... you sound like a lunatic hater/stan.

Eden said...

Echee I already told you that this blog was not a free ad space. Find your own way to promote your thing, don't count on me.

Anonymous said...

she's just so BS and I know it. Ok I wont do it again.

Anonymous said...

Echee, did you watch the video above?
How can you not like her? Maybe she contradicts herself sometimes and I am probably blinded a little by her looks, but she genuinely seems to be a nice person. There is no way it is all an act. If she is just pretending to exude charm and personality then she is the best actress in the world. (And I know you don't agree with that)

Anonymous said...

She definitely is adorable in this video, indecisive or not, she seems to be finding herself, even if it's long. The indecisions and constant differents visions from interview to other interview are a part of that change (I can't blame her, as Echee or others do, cause I'm exactly like that at this moment: I change my mind all the time while I speak to teachers.)

Anonymous said...

Well said, Anon above.

Anonymous said...

J'ai réussi à trouver plusieurs passages du livre ''The Perks of Being a Wallflower concernant Sam, le personnage qu'Emma incarnera! :D


Sam a regardé le bout de papier puis moi (Charlie).

- Charlie.. As-tu déja embrassé une fille?

j'ai fait un non de la tête. Tout était si silencieux.

''Pas meme lorsque tu était petit?''

J'ai encore fait non de la tete. Elle eut l'air très triste. Elle me parla ainsi de son premier baiser. C'était avec un des amis de son père, elle avait 7 ans. Elle n'en avait jamais parlé à personne à part Mary Elizabeth, puis Patrick il y a de ca 1 an. Elle commenca a pleurer. Et elle a dit quelque chose que je ne pourrais jamais oublier.

''Je sais que tu es conscient que j'aime bien Craig. & je sais que je t'ai dit de ne pas penser à moi de ce sens. Et je sais qu'on ne pourra jamais etre ensemble comme ça. Mais j'ai juste envie d'oublier tout ca pour une minute? Ok?


'' Je veux etre sure que la première personne qui t'embrassera t'aime, ok?


Elle pleurait encore plus maintenant,et moi aussi, parce qu'entendre quelque chose comme ca n'aidait pas.

''Je veux etre sure de ca, ok?


Et elle m'a embrassé. Le type de baiser que je ne dirais jamais a mes amis, parce que c'était un baiser qui me faisait savoir que jamais je n'ai été autant heureux de toute ma vie.


Je me suis rendu compte d'une chose. j'ai réalisé que malgré la tournure de l'événement, je n'étais pas heureux a propos de la rupture de Sam & Craig. Pas du tout. Pas une seconde j'ai pu penser que Sam pourrait l'oublier puis m'aimer. Tout ce qui m'importait était le fait que Sam soit blessée. Et c'est a ce moment que j'ai réalisé que j'étais bel et bien amoureux d'elle.


Le livre a l'air tellement triste, j'en ai le gout de pleurer. :(

Anonymous said...

Même si le livre parle de drogue, de sexe et de suicide, ça ne veut pas dire qu'il est mauvais et qu'Emma ne prend le rôle que pour casser son image. Le livre, même s'il est banni dans plusieurs établissements, est très populaire aux USA. Beaucoup disent que c'est un livre qui compte parmis leur livre favoris sur Amazon, et il y a preès de 2000 répondants sur la page du livre sur Amazon!

KAT said...

If you can show me anyone in the world who has their life figured out and ISN'T indecisive at the age of 21, I will give you a grand total of... $6!

This is what I love about Emma. She's very genuine. She's telling everyone how she feels, she's not living a lie. She got chosen for Hermione, thrust into the spotlight at age 9. Harry Potter's ending and she doesn't know what to do with herself. She's always been unsure about herself. Personally, I think her acting keeps getting better and better, and she does have the talent and the fans to have a successful career in Hollywood. I think she'll continue doing movies. You can hear the way she talks about all the opportunities she's missed because of school, she feels terrible about missing those "once in a lifetime" moments. She wants to continue what she's doing, she just needs to have more confidence and stop doubting herself.

Anonymous said...

kat your blind. she knows the interviewer personally. it's a fan fiction puff piece.