June 22, 2011

New interview of Emma Watson for University Magazine

Harry Potter’s Hermione, AKA Emma Watson Waves Her Magic

By Colin Turner
(The Interview People)

The young actress on saying goodbye to Harry Potter, her future, how her new haircut has made her feel bolder, those Burberry ads and how she is addicted to learning.

How sad was it to say goodbye to Hermione?
It felt sad. She feels like an old friend of mine. So it does feel sad definitely.

Rupert was saying that he didn’t think that you will ever lose touch with each other. Is that something that you agree with?
Oh, I really hope that he never finds me again. No, of course. We grew up together. He’s practically like my brother. There’s no way that we’re losing touch.

Now that everything is completely finished, how do you feel? Liberated, completely sad?
Both. It’s very freeing on the one hand and very sad on the other. It’s both, bittersweet.

You’ve gone to university, obviously, do you imagine taking up acting in the future or are you just seeing what happens?
I just did a movie, finished something last week, “My week with Marilyn”, which is exciting. No, I think I’ll just keep doing things. But my education is my number one priority at the moment and everything else comes around that really.

How are you enjoying that?
It’s wonderful. I love it. Really do.

How difficult is it to look at a so called normal life cause everybody knows who you are…
The grass is always greener. So for me never having really known a normal life, the idea of sitting around in my dorm having a glass of wine and some pizza is really exciting to me. Cause it’s not something I’ve really done. I take pleasure in little things like that.

Do you remember the last day of the shooting? Only Daniel said something to the crew. Sometimes women prepare something for such important events not men.
That’s true! I feel like it was really Dan’s place, not mine, on that last day. I didn’t feel the need…I feel like between Dan and David Heyman they covered everything. So I didn’t have anything prepared.

Are you scared that people will only see you as Hermione and nothing else?
It’s funny, everyone keeps asking me that. I don’t feel scared at all. She is such an amazing role, such an amazing character. I don’t really want people to forget.

But what if you play another role and people remember you as Hermione?
I hope that I’m a good enough actress that people forget. And the other thing is that I’m still growing. I’m still changing in my physical appearance and in the way that I am. So I don’t think it should be too difficult. It’s not like I’m already formed. I’m still changing, I’m still diversifying. Maybe it’s ignorance that I’m not too worried but I’m not really.

Have you got any models? Actresses that maybe combine cinema and going to university?
Yeah, I’m gonna keep trying to juggle the two. But basically my education is my number one priority, to get my degree. I’m never gonna have that time back. I can work for the rest of my life but I’m never gonna have a chance to experience university life.

But have you got any particular role models in your life?
There’s a few: Jodie Foster, Gwyneth Paltrow, Hilary Swank, Cate Blanchett, Meryl Streep, Natalie Portman. Those are the kind of actresses that I idolize I guess. But I follow my own path I think.

Your hairstyle has been a major issue. It’s the first time you can change your look. How do you feel?
Yeah, it’s fun, it’s nice. I like looking and feeling a bit different.

Do you miss the hair around your head?
With short hair you’ve got to be a bit bolder, there’s nothing to hide behind. So it’s made me be bolder in my fashion choices. It’s actually made me more confident as a person I think. I’m not sure why that is. But it has.

How responsible did you feel about portraying Hermione to the fans?
Very. She is…where else in cinema or a big film franchise is there a female character that is not just supplementary or additional or the pretty face. She’s a breakthrough, I think. Ron says at the beginning, “I don’t know if we’ll get through a day without Hermione”. She’s like the brains behind the whole operation. And she’s so integral to that trio and to Harry’s success. I think she’s a very important figure. So yeah, I did feel responsible. She’s just really loved as well. She’s got such a big heart. She’s got a heart of gold. I definitely wanted to do her right. It would have been awful if I’d messed her up, awful!

Do you remember the experience of reading and anticipating the last book?
Definitely. It’s so funny, I was going on holiday the day that the last book was released. They were sending me a copy but I didn’t get it cause I wasn’t at home. So I was queuing in the airport for the book. I remember someone spotting me in the queue going “are you Emma Watson? Are you queuing for the Harry Potter book?” “Yes”. It was quite surreal really. I was dying…I couldn’t really wait until they send it to me. I just had to have it the minute I could get my hands on it.

What was your reaction when you read it?
I cried in a lot of moments. The moment that really got me was Dobby’s death. I was really weepy for that. I should have read it then going through it thinking “I’m gonna have to do this” but I didn’t. I just read it from a fan’s perspective. I really didn’t read it looking at it technically. I just read it as a fan. I just wanted to know what the ending was. I loved those books as well.

Are you aware of what people think about you or the media write about you? I did wonder during the movie “does she wear Burberry?” Are you fighting your image?
That’s so interesting. It’s amazing. I never anticipated that those Burberry images, that Burberry campaign would have such a big impact. But it really has. Somebody came up the other day and said “you’re the girl from the Burberry campaign?” and I was like “Yes. I am!” But that’s not usually what I’m known for. I guess it’s flattering but I hope that that would never take away from a role I was playing. I hope that doesn’t get in the way too much.

I thought elements of that were drawn into the film in a way and that Hermione reflected that a little bit because her clothes seemed more glamorous, when you come to the wedding in that beautiful red frock. I always remember little Hermione as rather a blue stocking…
Yeah, she is. In the book I think she’s wearing a black dress but the idea is that for the first time Ron noticed how beautiful she was. Jeannie chose red because she thought black wouldn’t have been quite…I don’t know. I mean yes and no. I think she blossoms later on. That’s the idea. But after that scene she’s back into her jeans and her hoodies.

It’s often said that you’re so similar to Hermione. You’re very clever, you work very hard. Is there anything which you think is very different from her?
I like to think I’m a little bit more relaxed and a little bit more fun. And a bit more mischievous.

To have the money that you have at your age, is it something that scares you a little bit? Also that level of fame and success at such a young age?
The fame aspect has certainly been intimidating and overwhelming at times. And that kind of stigma that surrounds being a child actress. Journalists have actually asked me “do you think you’re messed up?” I don’t know what they expect me to say. I don’t know really how to answer. But from the get-go, there’s always been that kind of expectation that we were sort of doomed in a way. But I don’t feel that way. Actually the fame was quite progressive. It sort of built, it didn’t…it got bigger and bigger as time went on. I was known for Hermione before I was known for being Emma Watson. So it’s been more of a gentle transition into that.

What do you think of your dancing scene with Harry that is not in the book?
I think that it’s important cause the film is so intense. From the opening scene, it’s intense and all the way through until the end. So without that scene there wouldn’t be much reprieve. It’s a nice break. But it’s also nice to see Harry tender and caring towards Hermione, just showing how nice a boy-girl friendship can be.

Will we call you an action heroine after Part 8?
I hope so. Definitely.

Daniel said it was not so much fun to shoot all the action stuff.
It was a bit scary at times. We didn’t really have much training or much warning sometimes.

Why was it scary?
As much as they can prepare you or put stunt doubles in there, there’s a certain amount that you have to do yourself. You can’t get away from doing nothing. I guess that was scary.

What was the serious thing you had to do?
I threw myself off the top of a vault onto the back of a dragon. But it meant that I was doing a sort of…I mean I had crash mats. I don’t want to exaggerate, 20 or 30 foot drop. I just had to dive off into my stomach.

That is against every instinct.
Exactly. Your body’s saying “no,no,no!” And you have to just do it. And the pyrotechnics. There were lots of bangs and explosions. When there’s one fight, to get those sparks and stuff they plant pyrotechnics everywhere and I was terrified that I was gonna…if you run the wrong way or you go in the wrong direction or whatever, you have to be very…you gotta act at the same time as being aware of where all of them are whilst remaining on camera whilst…and you’re just like “Oh God, please don’t let…” You just hope you’re not gonna screw up really.

You have all the opportunities in the world, you could have taken a year or two off but you’ve decided to study. What’s the reason for that?
I just love learning. I’m like addicted to learning. I just want to know as much as I possibly can. It’s never enough for me. And I’ll never stop. I just really love knowledge. Addicted!

Photographs by Mariano Vivanco
Producer: Jo Matthews
Prop Stylist: Trish Stephenson
Wardrobe Stylist: Caroline Seiber
Hair: Neil Moodie
Make-up: Mira Husseini
Manicurist: Mike Pocock

Source: Uni

The interview dates from a while ago. I've heard enough of Emma being fake or whatever for leaving uni for a semester that if I heard another debate about it I'll delete your comments.


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don't worry, she's smart. in the next interview she will be a poor victim

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