March 07, 2015

Emma Watson and her brother in Bristol, today [March 07]

digby c.c.


Emanuel said...

Hi Eden! I'm Emanuel from Argentina, I don't think you remember me, from the very old times... ha! I'm relly glad you're back with the blog!

BTW, Do you know where in London is this??

Greetings!! And thanks for keeping this alive yet these days. ;)

Anonymous said...

The picture looks like they may be in southern France or Switzerland or the Andes.
But London? But Alex is looking more and more like a man. Is he finished with degree from Bristol U.?
Good genes.

Eden said...

Yep, my bad, it's in Bristol, not London. Someone on the Pottershots forum recognized the bridge behind. I don't know where exactly in Bristol though.

And I don't know anything about Alex and university, sorry :)