April 21, 2015

Emma Watson arrived in New York City yesterday [April 20, 2015]

Emma arrived at JFK yesterday, with her publicist, Luke Windsor.

The Time 100 Gala takes place in NYC tonight. Emma being part of their list, it is assumed she'll be there.

HQ pictures:

emma200415_281029 emma200415_281129 emma200415_28129 emma200415_28229 emma200415_28329 emma200415_28429 emma200415_28529 emma200415_28629 emma200415_28729 emma200415_28829 emma200415_28929 Emma_Watson_01 Emma_Watson_02 Emma_Watson_03 Emma_Watson_04 Emma_Watson_05 Emma_Watson_06 Emma_Watson_07 Emma_Watson_08

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