October 31, 2015

Emma Watson and her friend Roberto in Los Feliz [October 4, 2015]


As usual for the past 7 years, they're calling Roberto her new boyfriend.

The Regression actress hit the streets alongside a mystery man—his identity unknown as of yet. The 25-year-old gender equality activist sported an oversized white blouse and long denim skirt while her unidentified hunk rocked a pair of black thick-framed glasses, a baseball cap, a t-shirt, and a pair of lace-up sneakers. This was definitely a casual affair.

From the looks of it, they kept the date location relaxed too as the couple went for lunch in Los Feliz, Calif. on Sunday—Watson later spotted toting a doggy-bag outside. Leftovers for a "netflix and chill" session perhaps?

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Anonymous said...

Are they wearing disguises? Strange outfits on both.

Anonymous said...

Roberto and Emma have been friends for many years now. She was still working on Harry Potter when they met.

Anonymous said...

On the second picture she seems irritated, and her body language speaks rejection and anger.