November 05, 2015

Emma Watson interviewing Malala Yousafzai [November 4, 2015]

Emma is interviewing Malala today, in London, about 'He Named Me Malala' as part of the "Into Film" festival. Into Film is an "education charity that puts film at the heart of children and young people’s learning".
Emma's mom was also there.

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Today I met Malala. She was giving, utterly graceful, compelling and intelligent. That might sound obvious but I was...
Posté par Emma Watson sur mercredi 4 novembre 2015

You can also watch it on Youtube, but views are important (1,5 m already!), so watch it on Emma's page if you can.


Anonymous said...

Such a motivating and uplifting speech.

Anonymous said...

That's amazing...that's amazing...The interview is good, but gitty from Emma's part. Being a moderator is a tough call, but if you are going to do it, one should know how to moderate.