April 18, 2016

Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe participate to 'Jeans for Refugees'


'Jeans for Refugees' is a Johny Dar project and artistic fundraising initiative dedicated to helping refugees around the world, with all proceeds going to the International Rescue Committee.

One hundred celebrities are participating in the project by donating a pair of their jeans to be painted by Johny Dar. Each pair of jeans will be made into an individual art piece consisting of the painted jeans showcased in a glass box, and the 100 art pieces will be exhibited in London. At the end of the exhibition each piece will be auctioned at a special fundraiser auction, and all proceeds raised donated to the IRC initiatives helping millions of refugees worldwide on a daily basis.

Collaboration for a cause
This an artistic collaboration involving 101 talented individuals who have achieved worldwide recognition for their contributions to society in the realms of fashion, film, music, arts and sports. Each of Johny's paintings will be an artistic expression representing the dynamic individual personality that the jeans belonged to. These 100 unique expressions and individual drops of inspiration will create a unified art collection, representing a strong wave of support for a humanitarian cause, bringing more awareness and ultimately more help to those who are suffering the current refugee crisis.

We hope that this artistic collaboration, which brings together so many extraordinary personalities and talented individuals, will not only raise funds but contribute to inspiring a world in which collaboration replaces conflict, where individual expressions are celebrated and not condemned, and in which each human being is embraced and nurtured as a unique contribution to our collective experience and global society.


Albert Hammond Junior, Alicia Vikander, Anna Wintour, Audrey Tatou, Bella Hadid, Benicio del Toro, Bryan Adams, Camille, Candice Swanepoel, Carl Cox, Carla Bruni, Cat Stevens, Catherine Deneuve, Chanel Iman, Charlotte Church, Christina Ricci, Christine Taylor, Claudia Schiffer, David Copperfield, Daniel Bruehl, Daniel Radcliffe, Dannii Minogue, Elle McPherson, Elton John, Emma Watson, Eva Herzigova, Fearne Cotton, Florence Welch, Iris Berben, Isabelle Adjani, James Norton, Jamie Theakston, Jane Birkin, Jim Broadbent, Julio Iglesias, Karlie Kloss, Kate Moss, Lars von Trier, Lily Allen, Linda Evangelista, Macy Gray, Marianne Faithful, Melanie C, Minnie Driver, Nicholas Hoult, Nina Hagen, Ozzy Osbourne, Peaches, Pedro Almodovar, P!nk, Ryan Gosling, Sadie Frost, Selah Sue, Sharon Osbourne, Sharon Stone, Sofia Coppola, Tinie Tempah, Tom Waits, Toni Garrn, Tuppence Middleton, Vivienne Westwood, Woody Allen and many more.


Anonymous said...

Has anyone heard about the new franchise she was supposed to be in. I looked on the pro; she is no longer listed. I bought the books because she was so excited about the tale and was going to play the lead and produce, now I read that nothing was sure if she was going to produce or star in the film. It just goes to show, you have to be careful when they attach an actress to a book right away. From now on I'm going to wait for the actuality.

Thaïs said...

Anon, that could still be a great book :)

She's taking a gap year, so yeah she won't be doing anything until next year.

Anonymous said...

Also, the third book in the Tearling series will be released by the end of this year, it would only make sense to wait it out, see how the book will be received and then, make a movies series based on the success of the trilogy. The two books in the Tearling series have been popular and intriguing so far, but too many loose ends have been left by the author to be tied in the upcoming book. For me, personally, it could be the making or breaking of this series. As far as I could gather, Emma said she loved the first book but hasn't spoken a word about the second one! So there's still possibility that she might be producing it but may not star in it considering the protagonist undergoes a dramatic make over in the second book (which I'm hoping is somehow tied to the plot).

To the Anon above, hope you enjoy the book and happy reading! :)