May 16, 2016

Paige O'Hara: "Emma Watson's got an outward and inward beauty, and an old soul"

The cast of the original 'Beauty and the Beast' participated to a 25th anniversary celebration on May 9. Here's what Paige O'Hara (original voice of Belle) said about Emma:
"If I were producing the film, I would have cast her. I think she’s absolutely perfect for the role. She’s got the outward beauty, but she’s also got an inward beauty about her, and an old soul. Through mutual people we’ve sent messages, and I just basically was wishing her all the best and to have a wonderful time. In [the original] movie it was in the snow scene of ‘Something There’ that we made a specific choice that it hits Belle: she’s really falling in love with [the Beast]. I want to see Emma’s moment when she realizes she’s fallen in love. That will be so exciting."


Kate Gaddis said...

Good thing that Paige O'Hara approves! Can't wait to see this film!

Anonymous said...

I love that dress in its simplicity. Emma can wear anything. She can wear a towl with a seam of old-fashioned pink diaper pins and she would look beautiful. (there is no sarcasm intended here)