September 20, 2016

Emma Watson and ZADY worked on a capsule collection

There are plenty of things that inspire us about Emma Watson. The actress and UN Goodwill ambassador is thoughtful, passionate, and outspoken about issues like inequality and the He for She project. So, it's no surprise that even when it comes to fashion, Emma finds ways to stand up for her beliefs. Her latest project is a partnership with Zady, a clothing line that aims to combat fast fashion. "Emma learned about the sustainability work we are leading and approached us to develop a bespoke collection," said the brand's founder Maxine Bédat. "Of course we were thrilled!"

Zady's clothing is made sustainably in partnership with farmers, spinners, and sewers around the globe, and the brand aims to create items that are both flattering and environmentally friendly. "We are the ones with the power to change this industry," stated Bédat. "To direct it to make clothes that fit us, that make us look good, that are designed to last, that don't pollute the planet, and that treat the women on the other end who are making our clothes with decency.” Emma debuted the first two pieces on her Instagram today, which are also now available for pre-order online. So, if you're inspired by Emma's look, you can shop it for yourself, read on to check it out!


PDXP said...

I've seen the site described as the future "whole foods of fashion", which says it all: fashion for millennials who probably aren't saving enough, yuppies, the upper-middle class and the wealthy.

Sustainable-sourced, timeless, fair trade clothing that is made to last is certainly a good thing, but at its price I definitely don't see it becoming an alternative to "fast fashion", as it says. A great alternative to the faux-premium brands that churn out expensive clothing that deteriorates in the blink of an eye (which should all go out of business imho), but not to the types of clothing everyday working people regularly wear. I also have a feeling that what's making them cost-prohibitive is an unnecessary markup, not exactly the necessary things that go into making the clothing.

Still, by all means, let it replace the wasteful faux-premium brands.

RT said...

She is living up to her principles. Combining her environmental stand with her work for gender equality.

The 10x10x10 work is timely given the reports form US and UK universities about abuse and sexism being almost accepted as normal.

Anonymous said...

any news on the circle trailer/release date please?

Anonymous said...

sencilla y elegante, me gusta