October 03, 2016

Emma Watson met Justin Trudeau today in Ottawa, Canada [September 28, 2016]

Emma is in Ottawa for One Young World.

Same but a bit longer and not as good in quality, but you can hear her say "merci beaucoup" at the end of this one:

Also, ET Canada posted a video of the same exchange but from a different angle.

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Ross Taggart said...

I sm so jealous of that guy. Emma really likes him. What does he have I don't; wealth success a country..

Robin said...

Disgusting and hypocritical. This man attended an event with GENDER SEGREGATION (women on the balcony only) and he dares to call himself a feminist... Shame on you, Emma, for supporting such a moron.

These are facts. Tell me where I'm wrong.

Ross Taggart said...

I did not hear about about that do you have any details? In any case he is a world leader some complicated meeting are inevitable. From what I have read he seems genuine enough and did make his cabinet 50/50 when joining heforshe quite a commitment.