October 26, 2016

Mariano Vivanco: "Emma Watson understands the camera so well"

Mariano Vivanco has released a book, Portraits Nudes Flowers (Damiani, £35), "a collection of memorable photographs that span his career and explore the similarities between flowers and people." Among the photographs is one of Emma's.

Emma Watson 
London, 2012 
Vivanco wanted to capture the two sides to Watson's character: playful and pensive. "I think I prefer the shot of her pensive side," he says. He loved shooting the actress with her hair cropped short because of her likeness to iconic actress Jean Seberg. "That was the first time I shot her and now I've shot her twice. I could do a whole book just from those two shoots, she understands the camera so well."

Sorry for the delay with all the pictures I've been meaning to post. They should be up this week.


Ross Taggart said...

No problems. These are lovely images. Her camera awareness won't be hurt by having them pointed at her since she was nine.

Playful and pensive I would agree with that view of her character.

Anonymous said...

Emma is extremely intelligent with a strong emotional intelligence that she knows how to display in front of the camera in stills. I really like her, but I wish she would work on her acting. She is good, but many are better.

Ross Taggart said...

Hi Anon, nah there are none better ^-^

Anonymous said...

The year off has ended, now I would like to know what some upcoming roles are: the Circle and Beauty do not count since they were made last year. Or is she quitting for good. Someone said somewhere- can't find the link- that she does not have any role offers to her liking.