January 24, 2017

Emma Watson makes clothes sell out

As a budding Hollywood actress and the face of Burberry, Emma, 26, has become something of a fashionista.

When she was spotted wearing a dog-print cashmere scarf (£179 by British company Crumpet) in 2012, it sold out in less than a week — and sales at the company soared by 62 per cent over the next month.

And shoppers stripped H&M shelves of 20,000 checked shirts when Emma, taking time out from acting to get a degree, wore one for her first day at Oxford.

It happened again with the £486 Yves Saint Laurent army boots that she wore to a shop opening in New York. Within four days, they’d marched out of the shops.


JL said...

Can anyone see this video? I can't because I'm not in Australia. Is it a new video?


Anonymous said...

It's a cobbled together clip with I believe nothing new.
Some HP, bit on EW's personal life, some Cinderella (!!!)and a little on B&B.

For those interested this is a downloadable link to the video (4 minutes,82mb);


JL said...

Thanks Anon :)

Anonymous said...

and where were these clothes made i wonder? by woman in a sweat shop no doubt!