January 07, 2017

Exclusive outtakes of Emma Watson by Ellen Von Unwerth

thanks to anon for sending them


Hmmm... said...

Hi Eden,

has your poll selection possibility "I'm hungry" to be taken seriously?
Well, I had to laugh :-)
(Well, I must choose this simply for "oppositionary" and fun reasons ;-P )



Anonymous said...

exhibitionist indeed!

Ross Taggart said...

Elagance and grace but not taking herself to seriously.

Anonymous said...

Eden, do you know of any upcoming films? Other than the strange comments, her imdb is dead.

Eden said...

@Hmmm Glad it made you laugh :) As I was creating the poll I realized polls often have an "no opinion" option. So I thought "I'm hungry" would serve as that :p

@Anon I don't and I'm desperate!!!! XD

Anonymous said...

So photogenic.

Vicky George said...

It's odd but the photo of her in the red dress makes it look as though she is smoking, which I'm sure she isn't. Good photos though.