March 12, 2017

Emma Watson at SiriusXM's Town Hall [March 10, 2017]

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Ross Taggart said...

This was my favourite interview so far. Emma's look here perfect.

Anonymous said...

What say Emma here, in this interview? can you or someone translate please?

Anonymous said...

Emma spoke well about the film Beauty and the Beast and The Circle. I like the way she explained why B*B moves away from the original, and I think her reasoning is logical, intelligent and emotionally ept. Of course Belle has portray more initiative as a woman. What I also like though, is that Belle does not give up her emotional qualities that make her woman. Even more now, I am looking forward to this film. I live in Germany, so I will have to wait until summer when school is out.
Also, I was thrilled when she mentioned having read Man's Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl. I had students read that for a high school psychology class while I was teaching at a Catholic School in the STATes. I wonder if she pursues the Logotherapy, which was developed from Viktor Frankl and his student, Elizabeth Lucas. Basically Logotherapy states that a person needs meaning in their life to remain healthy and whole. I always thought that a film concerning itself with Logotherapy would be most intelligent, dramatic and emotionally stabilizing for any person. Remember, Frankl observed what kind of people survived and which despaired at Auschitz; he came to the conclusion those that still had hope and helped one another, those people tended to survive over the survival of the fittist.
I like the way Emma presents her person as positive, respectful and intelligent. In time her acting will develope with life experience, but I wish her the best. I must say, I loved the HP films, and thought she was a Heromine that fit the characters in the book. I read the first two books with my twins, and they loved it. After they wanted to listen to the cd and read alone, I ploughed through them. Emma, keep on going!

Anonymous said...

Also. I wanted to mention I think it is great that she clarified why she was not in la la land. She showed a respect for the film for her explaination. She said that you do not just parachute into such a role, and she had already committed to B*B.