July 08, 2017

[UPDATES] Emma Watson's Paris promotion of 'The Circle'

Emma Watson at the Paris Premiere of 'The Circle' [June 21, 2017]

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Emma Watson at the Paris photocall of 'The Circle' [June 22, 2017]

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for your work !

Lisa said...

Wow so many pictures! Thanks Eden. She looked amazing during the Paris premiere.

Levi said...

Nice! Busy tour, wonderful Emma, very very beautiful pictures.

Anonymous said...


Thanks Eden for a terrific resource and for your patience. :)

Anonymous said...

Every one of those pictures are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures but imdb filmography is still dry. It was great Eden. I have moved on.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday I saw TC & I think it is the high time she consider seriously consider some acting classes.