August 05, 2017

Emma Watson: "I grew up with my fans. It's a real life journey with these people"

This video is a nightmare to transcript so I'll do it later. Also, if one of you can save the video, please do as I personally can't. I wouldn't be surprised if they ended up deleting their article. The website that originally posted it did.


Anonymous said...

Already the heading "...with these people" had me wondering if she portrayed the experience as positive or negative. Fans serve the butter on a celebrity`s bread, but I think they can be too much. Years ago, I sat across from Helen Mirren on a plane. I had a hundred questions, autographs and selfie I wanted to take, but I left her alone. She smiled at me when we exited the plane.

Eden said...

As I said, making a transcription of her interviews in this video is a nightmare, so you should probably watch the video yourself if you can to try to hear what she says because I'm not a 100% sure "these people" is what she says.

Anonymous said...

I didnt really see it as a negative comment towards her fans but im sure there can be exceptions. I mean, lets face it some fans can become fanatical to the point of creepiness. But judging by the video she doesnt seem to look at the majority of them in that way.