August 09, 2017

Emma Watson in Belgian and Dutch magazines

Moustique - Belgium (August 9, 2017)


Blik - Netherlands (August 9, 2017)

The text says "This is my biggest fear." The cover screams BS though.

blik magazine


adam grindley said...

what does the blik one say? wish i could read these things x

Suzanne Hemmen said...

Blik is a gossip magazine. It's trash.

Lisa said...

Do you have a pic of the inside of Blik magazine? I could translate it. But like Suzanne said, it will only be trash and stupid gossip.

Anonymous said...

I'M just wondering, how do the regular public obtain information on movie premiers, events that Emma will be at ahead of time. I always see all the pictures from the premiers and wish I could have been there. Any comments on this would be appreciated. Also wondering how actors find out about film roles - any info on how agents work? Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Gossip rags like that either make up stories or they take interview bits and make them more dramatic. The "Emmas biggest fear" is very likely what she said in one of the interviews Eden posted here: That she would be on camera 24/7.
They often put stuff like that on the cover and then the story is very tame. Like "Emmas big secret" and inside it says she likes to take baths and make banana bread.